28 Sep 2014

フォーサムのときは,どっちのボールを使うのか? // Golfweek


Which ball is played in Ryder Cup foursomes? // Goflweek
Hunter Mahan and Zach Johnson did not have to think about what golf ball to use in their Friday foursomes because both of them use a Titleist Pro V1x. However, Rickie Fowler uses a Titleist Pro V1x and his teammate in the opening-round sessions of the Ryder Cup, Jimmy Walker, uses a Pro V1. Keegan Bradley plays a Srixon Z-Star and Phil Mickelson plays a Callaway Speed Regime 3.

ハンター・メイハンとザック・ジョンソンの組であれば,フォーサムのときに使うボールで悩む必要はない,なぜならふたりとも Titleist Pro V1x を使っているから。しかし,リッキー・ファウラーが Titleist Pro V1x を使っていて,初日にペアを組んだジミー・ウォーカーは Pro V1 を使っている。キーガン・ブラッドリーは Srixon Z-Star を使っていて,フィル・ミケルソンは Callaway Speed Regime 3 を使っている。
After talking with several players over the years, here is what I have learned: If teammates playing in foursomes (alternate shot) use a different ball, they generally tee off using the ball favored by the player who will be hitting the shot into the green.

The rationale among the players is that the difference between many of the premium balls off the tee is not as big as the difference between the balls on approach shots. Teams want the player who is hitting into the green to know exactly how the ball will react.


This was only possible starting in in 2006, when rules allowed teams to switch golf balls, even types of golf balls, between holes. However, once the hole is started, the same ball (or type of ball) must be used to complete the hole.

Rickie Fowler and Jim Furyk were reminded of this part of the rule in an unfortunate way in 2010. According to the blog of the John Paramor, the chief referee of the 38th Ryder Cup held at Celtic Manor, Fowler dropped his own ball (a Titleist Pro V1x) when he took relief from an abnormal ground condition. Unfortunately, he and his partner, Jim Furyk, had started the hole using Furyk's Srixon Z-Star X ball. According to Paramor, no one realized the rules infraction had taken place until Fowler had hit his team's second shot and a fan asked a referee if the American team wanted its ball back.

リッキー・ファウラーとジム・フューリックが2010年におかしたことが思い出される。ケルティックマナーで行なわれた第38回ライダーカップのチーフ・レフリー John Paramor のブログによると,ファウラーが異常なグラウンドの状態からの救済を受けて彼のボール(Titleist Pro V1x)をドロップしたが,不幸なことに,彼とそのパートナーであるフューリックは,フューリックのボールである Srixon Z-Star X でティーショットを打ったのだ。Paramor によると,ファウラーが2打目を打って,ファンがレフリーに尋ねるまで,誰も気づかなかった。

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